...works with all her fingers,
with her nails, with the side
of her hands, with her palms,
with pins and scissors,
directly on the garment…
Sometimes on her knees,
not in reverence, but adjusting
the cut of the fabric,
its fall around the body.”

Colette: Prisons et Paradis
A well-chosen attire is a way of self-expression which is based on one's self-knowledge,
fine taste and high aesthetic standards. Our overall aim is therefore to create value for
our customers, and the result of our efforts is the harmony of style and personality, and
the gentle radiation of inner beauty. "Be beautiful and happy." - an ancient Egyptian inscription
reads. This is our special wish to all of our customers. The numerous Haute Couture fabrics,
the Nivo Prize winning design, the precise and creative engineering, the professional hand
work all serve the above purpose.
The suppliers of TIARATEX have been traditional European firms from the beginning. From the 50-60 mills that we have had business with in the past 20 years we maintained a partnership with the best ones only, who are worthy of their reputation and proud of their excellent quality and collections.

We work mainly with natural materials such as pure silk and its mixtures, Super 120, 130, 140 wool and its combinations. We have a wide range of laces, patterned and plain textiles: shantung, taffeta, satin, duchesse, muslin, tulle, organza, velvet, brocade, plain or with embroidery, pearls or tinsels etc. Our specialities are decorated or hand-painted pure silk materials as well as laces from Csetnek.

Our goods are from: England, France, Italy.
sketches and design
Dóra Mészáros Mészáros Nivo Prize winner fashion designer

execution manager:

Klára Huszka-Dobszay
design compiler / art historian

hand-painted pure silk:

Rita Müller , industrial artist

laces from Csetnek:

Mrs. Zoltán Polgár
head-dresses and tiaras:
Eszter Molnár opera and theatre head-dress designer

image and web design:
Barbara Kecskés graphic artist

Zseni Jung
Pál Losonci
Marcell Szász
Dorka Cseke
Mona Szalay, Csaba Fekete
we make exclusive
wedding and evening dresses
Unsereour models are built
mixing Coco Chanel's and
M. Vionnet's methods
we aren’t thinking in collections;
we make unique models according to our Guests wish

...I enjoyed myself in my dresses and I think, that I could fascinate everybody in it, especially the groom”

G. H.

... Ich möchte mich erneut für die Hilfe bedanken. Die Frucht eurer Arbeit hat die Hochzeit zu einem noch besseren Fest gemacht!”

Sz. V.

Spitzen, einfarbige und gemusterte Textilien; Shantung, Taffeta, Satin, Duchesse, Muslin, Tulle, Organza, Velvet, Brocade, einfach oder gestickt, mit Perlen oder Pailetten verziert...
handbemalte reine Seide, Spitze aus Csetnek
Unser Warenangebot stammt in erster Linie aus: Frankreich, Italien, England, Spanien, Zypern...

Anfertigung eines Modells

Mode für besondere Anlässe
Der Tag war unvergesslich und dazu hat das Kleid auch ziemlich beigetragen! Ich bedanke mich nochmal bei Ihnen und Ihren Kollegen für die mühevolle, gewisshafte und prezise Arbeit.”

Sz. B.

Kleid für die junge Ehefrau
Anzug für den Bräutigam
Bekleidung für die Schwiegereltern
My dress was fabled, perfect and comfortable. I couldn’t stand to welcome the appreciative and commendatory words! Thanks a lot for the whole team and your competence, advices and the patient!”

N. Á.

Schuh, Tasche, Handschuhe
Schmuck (Halsschmuck, Ohrringe), Kopfschmuck
Weitere Handarbeit

Handbemalte Seide
Everything went very well, as to my dresses, everyone admire them! Thank you for your lot of work and your kindness!”

D. A.

Hungary, 1068 Budapest,
Dózsa György út 102.

00 36 1 302 7055

Rozália Kecskeméti
00 36 70 389 6136

Krisztina Mazanek

opening hours
according to a negotiation